Australian FlagThe Australian Carpet Cleaning Standards, or AS 3733-90 was established back in 1987 to standardise the quality of both private and commercial cleaning services and they have been helping to bring clients peace of mind since then. Turning to a company for carpet cleaning services can be daunting; after all, a person doesn’t always know whether the professionals are going to do a quality job and even the smallest mistake could end up costing a client a great deal. Companies who adhere to a set of Australian carpet cleaning standards that have been outlined to ensure each and every job is done properly are benefiting from this in a wide variety of ways. In order for individuals to find out how they can go about benefiting from this service, they simply need to find out a little bit more about what these standards are and how they are improving carpet cleaning services throughout the country.

Steam Cleaning with High Standards

When a company is going to be steam cleaning according to Australian carpet cleaning standards, they will usually need to start out by inspecting the carpets to determine what types of fibers they are dealing with. During the inspection, the professionals will also take the time to detect stains and start coming up with a plan of action on how to deal with them. Once the inspection has been completed, the team will then go on to vacuuming the carpet with a HEPA filtered cleaner, treat the stains that require immediate attention and begin the steam cleaning process.

When steam cleaning, certain areas will require a higher velocity of air movement after the cleaning has been completed; this is particularly important in the more humid areas throughout the country. In most instances, it should take between 2 to 4 hours after the carpets have been cleaned for them to dry properly, but this will depend on the specific fibers that the professionals are working with.

Protecting Your Furniture

It is often the small tasks that a cleaning company will go the extra mile to do that makes all of the difference when the time comes to reveal the results. It is imperative that companies take the time to put the appropriate safety measures in place as they go about cleaning the carpets; this entails ensuring that the furniture doesn’t get ruined in the process. Protective hose guards can make the world of difference when it comes to cleaning around furniture, but it is up to each cleaning service to make sure that they put them to good use.

Dealing With Stains

Stains can be very difficult to deal with when it comes to carpeting, particularly since spills can occur without warning and they do so quite often. A high quality carpet cleaning service should understand which cleaning agents are to be used on which carpets; otherwise they could end up unintentionally damaging the flooring. The standards that have been set out require that the professionals ensure they understand which techniques are to be put to use in various situations, as well as how they can go about protecting the carpeting from further harm. Professionals do not only ensure that the stains are removed; they are also supposed to know how a person can go about preventing stains from occurring in the future by maintaining the carpets to the highest standards, along with the most appropriate cleaning agents for the job.

Rug Cleaning

Most of the companies that offer carpet cleaning services will not hesitate to assist their clients with their rugs, so it is worth inquiring about whether they will take care of everything. A well maintained rug will last for decades and continue to look great throughout its lifespan; this alone is worth investing in the right team for the job.

By turning to a company that adheres to a set of guidelines that are nationally recognised, clients don’t have to worry about whether they are going to get a quality service; they can assume that this is something that is attached to the reputable name of the business.


Reg Whiteley
NSW Government: Environment & Heritage

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