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Boost Productivity in the Workplace With The Best Office Cleaning Brisbane Has To Offer:
If you have a commercial property in Brisbane and feel it’s about time to have a cleanup, look no further – we can send a
professional cleaner to get things squeaky clean again. Dust, dirt and other nasty allergens can build up over time,
potentially causing dirty air to circulate, not the best environment for productivity.

Keeping the office clean for your employees and patrons, will help to help keep them energised and comfortable. Also,
equipment will benefit from a spring clean, as a build up of dust and grime is highly likely to affect the life of computers,
and potentially slow them down.

Tailored Cleaning Service:
We know that every business and person is different and what might work for one, won’t necessarily work for the other.
With our 20 years’ experience, we have learnt to develop each customers cleaning and maintenance schedule, that is
unique to them.

We clean offices and businesses that are small and large, we don’t discriminate. Once a year cleaning or once a week, we
can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

One-stop-shop For All Your Cleaning and Maintenance Needs:
If your commercial property needs nightly, weekly, monthly or yearly cleaning services, you tell us. We can provide
special function cleaning, periodical cleaning, carpet cleaning, strip and sealing of hard floors, dry vapour steam cleaning,
window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, provide you with toilet and washroom products or even maintain your grounds!

BBCSQLD is your one-stop-service for every cleaning and maintenance need you might have with your commercial
property. We have a cleaner for every occasion! If you need something done that you don’t see here – Please ask.

For office cleaning in Brisbane please contact us on 1800 094 272.