Are your tiles and grout looking tired and dirty

Like your carpets, tiles & grout require a good deep down clean up at least once a year to keep them properly maintained and also looking new and fresh.

Over time, dirt and dust builds up on all our floor surfaces including tiles and conventional cleaning methods are just not able to remove all the build up. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of your tiles will remove any light surface dirt, but the anything beyond light surface dirt gets compacted in especially in high traffic areas.

Chemical floor cleaners also leave a small amount of residue on the floors after mopping which also builds up over time, which also attracts further dirt and this all contributes to a situation where the floors start to look a different colour to what they originally were.You could always get down on your hands and knee’s and scrub your tiles and grout with a scrubbing brush and tile cleaning chemical, however this is a very labour intensive task, and any large area’s that require cleaning will appear over whelming.
Or you could contact a professional tile cleaning company such as BBCS. A fully certificate trained and qualified tile cleaning technician will use a truck mounted high pressure tile cleaning machine, coupled with a chemical matched to your tile type, in order to get your tiles and grout looking fantastic again.

BBCS are a local Redlands, Bayside based cleaning company, cleaning all areas in and around the Redlands, Brisbane and Logan areas.

We can complete your tile and grout cleaning for you at very competitive prices.
All periodical cleaning completed by BBCS is fully guaranteed. Click here to see the BBCS Guarantee.