Is it time to get your Upholstery cleaned

Would you consider wearing the same clothes again and again, day in day out without washing them for years at a time? Would any of us really do such as thing? But ultimately many people don’t feel that it is necessary to regularly have their upholstery furniture cleaned at least every 12 months.

We each spend many hours a day sitting relaxing on our upholstered furniture such as our couch or dining chairs, and did you know that embedded in this furniture are many hidden nasties such as dirt, dust, pollen, food scraps, beverage spills, chemicals & even mould and odours. Each day that we leave our upholstery unclean these hidden nasties get worse and worse. Every time we sit on our unclean upholstery we potentially breathe in these toxins and we can also even absorb them in through our skin.

So next time you sit down on your upholstered furniture, think about what you may be exposing yourself and your family to.

Have your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year by a fully certificate trained professional. We can have your Upholstery looking and feeling great again.

The processed used to clean your upholstery is much the same as the process for carpet cleaning, it is completed by way of hot water extraction, ensuring you get a deep down clean to rid your furniture of all the hidden toxins, that manage to embed themselves deep down into your furniture.

After professional cleaning you can sit and relax on your furniture knowing that they are now truly clean and your are not potentially doing yourself or your family any harm.

Also the furniture and upholstery we each have in our homes, are expensive and as such we need to ensure we adequately maintain them in order to prolong their life and keep them looking good.

So for a professional deep down clean of your precious upholstery, don’t call any old Joe, who will do it at a bargain basement price. Call a true fully experienced, certificate trained qualified upholstery cleaning technician. Call BBCS, we use only fully certificate trained technicians who will complete a full assessment of your upholstery and match the correct chemical to your upholstery type, and give your upholstery that deep down toxin removing clean that you are looking for.