2nd window clean st lukes hall

BBCS now offer the latest Reach & Wash technology, which can clean windows, exterior buildings and signs up to 32ft without the need for a ladder!This pure water system means we can clean all those previously hard to reach areas, easily and provide you with amazing cleaning without the use of any chemicals. The water that comes out of this machine is cleaner than the water coming out of the tap.BBCS can now reach inaccessible windows with ease that previously could not have been cleaned,even with the use of a ladder. This system complies with the working at height regulations, which in effect make window cleaning with a ladder almost a thing of the past. For more information regarding the Reach & Wash system click on the picture link below.We provide a prompt and efficient service at very competitive prices, either on an occasional, one-off or regular basis, depending on the client’s individual requirements.While we are there we can also clean your eaves, window frames, exterior façade, & don’t forget your solar panels.